Imaginext Space Shuttle, Space Hauler and Alien in Adams Corners, New York

Imaginext Space Shuttle, Space Hauler and Alien
Price: $45
Type: TV games & PC games, For Sale

My son is outgrowing these toys. Still current, asking $45 which is like getting the two accessories for free!
Imaginext® Space Shuttle
Approx. Retail Price: $45.00|Product: P4237
Imagine aboard a space shuttle, ready to take off any second! Press a button for takeoff sounds and blinking lights. Turn a figure to open the doors, open the solar panels, activate the stairs or rotate the crane (which also attaches to the second floor of the tower to load cargo into the shuttle). Includes tower with elevator, shuttle with crane, moon vehicle, two figures, two helmets, console and 3 AA batteries.
Imaginext® Space Hauler
Approx. Retail Price: $21.00|Product: R6149
Imaginext® Green Space Alien
Approx. Retail Price: $7.00|Product: P8082

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